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I'm Jasmine Brown & I'm an aspiring Fashion Art Director. I am currently based in San Francisco, CA. I will be graduating with an MA in Fashion Art Direction in May 2023. Afterwards, I plan on moving to New York and working with a fashion brand or magazine as a fashion stylist.  

I was an Art Director & Creator/Event Planner for the "For The
Culture Fashion Show (2023)." I led the art direction for a fashion
show featuring stylists, designers, entrepreneurs, and performers
to showcase culture and self-expression. I managed budget,
decor, and event planning. I also developed branding strategy,
created posters using Canva and executed a comprehensive social
media plan.

I was an Assistant Fashion Director for a 90s themed
Fashion Extravaganza (2019) for the Advanced Clothing & Design
class at Alabama A&M University. I led the creative process &
supervised the different teams assigned

Lastly, I was also an Event Coordinator for a Breast Cancer event in 2017 at Alabama A&M University. I assisted with making sure the fashion show ran smoothly. 

Overall, I am a highly creative and trend-savvy art director with experience in leading fashion campaigns, runway productions, and photoshoots. I am team player who's proficient in visual design and collaboration as well as driving impactful results.


I look forward to working with you & creating new and exciting content. Go to my Contact page so we can discuss further details.

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